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tom holland twin brothers He’d invited you over for a Movie Night with two of his three brothers (Paddy was at a friend’s house) and Harrison. Yes, these two college students aren’t just biological sisters they’re twins. Over the past few years, he has gained tremendous popularity for his various roles, the most popular being our friendly neighbor Spider-Man. Of course, even without his famous flame, Jonathan is definitely on the path to billionaire status, and it's only a matter of time before all their ventures rake in enough dough to Jan 14, 2021 · Tom Holland Got Zendaya 'Sucked In' to This TV Show. The twins also followed the family legacy in acting and are avid actors, who made a cameo appearance in The Impossible. As a kid, he used to spend a lot of time with his twin brothers, Sam and Harry, and another younger brother Paddy. Jul 06, 2021 · Robert Downey, Jr. ( 997 ) $14. Lucy (left) and Maria Aylmer are 18-year-old twins. Sep 20, 2021 · On the other hand, Tom Holland helped get his brother, Harry Holland, get his start in Hollywood. May 31, 2019 · Does Tom Holland Have Any Siblings? Tom Holland is the oldest of four boys. Twins Harry and Sam Holland are both three years Tom’s junior, and the youngest, Patrick (a. The Spider-Man actor told Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday that he wanted to give his two brothers — who are twins — something "memorable" on their big day. He lives with his parents and three younger brothers - Paddy and twins Sam and Jun 27, 2017 · British actor Tom Holland found early stardom in 'Billy Elliot the Musical' before making his screen debut as the iconic superhero Spider-Man in 2016. Benji Madden is known for being the vocalist of the American rock band, Good Charlotte, but he has recently made headlines for a different reason. “Hey, (y/n)! Thanks for dropping by,” Tom says as you hand him a plastic grocery sack full of snacks. After an "extensive Feb 01, 2021 · It follows a young former army medic (Tom Holland) suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, who becomes a serial bank robber after an addiction to drugs puts him in debt. Mar 02, 2015 · Sophie Tighe. Choose your language in video settings "Tom & Thomas" also known as "The Christmas Twins" is an English TV movie where young Aaron Johnson, Sean Bean, Derek de Lint, and Geraldine James are acting. Nov 01, 2021 · Tom Holland and Olivia Bolton. Grayson Dolan has the best reaction to one of his gifts from brother Ethan! The twins shared a new video on Monday May 29, 2017 · Tom Holland Says He and Zendaya Love Each Other 'Very Much' Brother vs. At one point, the pair Jun 01, 2021 · His Avengers series co-star Mark Ruffalo posted an image of himself with Holland and wrote, "Happy Birthday to the one who spoils more about the MCU than me and my fellow Russo Brothers twin, Tom Sep 28, 2021 · You can read the official synopsis for Season 2 below: Based on the best-selling YA book series by Trenton Lee Stewart, season two of “The Mysterious Benedict Society” picks up as the team of Tom Holland, Actor: Spider-Man: Homecoming. Outside of Tom, he also has a twin brother named Sam and a brother named Paddy. Sophia Lillis has a twin brother called Jake. Jul 27, 2021 · Rick Aiello: Do the Right Thing, Twin Peaks actor dies at 65. Rick Aiello, an actor and the son of the late Oscar-nominated actor Danny Aiello, has died. . Sam is on Twitter here , and Harry is on Twitter as well . This image appears in the gallery: Sophia Lillis: 11 facts about the I Am Not Okay With This actress you need to know. Yes, really. Jessica Jones to Robyn Robyn is one of Jessica Jones' neighbors, living in an apartment alongside her brother Ruben. His eldest brother Tom is an English actor. 30 years after the film's premiere Feb 24, 2021 · Tom Holland Gives Brother Harry a Salon-Quality Haircut at Home Read article “I cut [my son’s] hair and I cut my own hair too, but I’ve always cut my own hair. They are 16 years old. Some of the famous twins are Diesel wins, Johansson twins, Sprouse twins etc whom we all have seen on television quite frequently. Thomas Stanley Holland was born in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, to Nicola Elizabeth (Frost), a photographer, and Dominic Holland (Dominic Anthony Holland), who is a comedian and author. He is a son to Dominic Holland and Nicola Elizabeth. He was born to a photographer mother and an author/comedian father. That’s why Tom Holland is extremely accurate with his meals. It first aired as a special preview on July 20th, 2018, before its full debut on September 17th, 2018. Tom’s mother adoring you. The two were reportedly dating for nine months, and their relationship arose in July 2019 when they were seen strolling around in London’s Hyde Park. The late night host challenged the talented cast to put Tom Holland, Actor: Spider-Man: Homecoming. Take this test to know how well do you know Tom Holland. Girl talk with Zendaya and Laura. After checking the vacant bedroom, you found Tom playing superheroes with your twin sons, Brandon and Liam. Together with his siblings, he founded Brothers Trust Charity. He is the author of Rubicon: The Triumph and the Tragedy of the Roman Republic, which won the Hessell-Tiltman Prize for History and was shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize; Persian Fire, his history of the Graeco-Persian wars, won the Anglo-Hellenic League’s Runciman Award in 2006; Oct 23, 2017 · George Clooney Shows Off Photo of His Twins at Suburbicon After-Party Suburbicon director shares picture of his twins at celebration By Samantha Schnurr Oct 23, 2017 3:11 PM Tags Here’s part 4! Hope you all enjoy! Let me know what you think by commenting or leaving me an ask. Jun 26, 2019 · Apparently Tom Holland’s Brother Is A Timothée Chalamet Doppelgänger. Originally posted by tomhollandhollaatme. He often joins Tom on his film press tours and puts together recap videos. I’ve been in my emotions lately so these imagines will be Tom Holland, Actor: Spider-Man: Homecoming. But when only his bottom half appears, the brothers must go on a thrilling quest to complete the spell that brought him back. Stay in Atlanta with him for shooting. He lives with his parents and three younger brothers - Paddy and twins Sam and Paddy Holland is an English actor who is best known for Invasion (2021), Holmes & Watson (2018), Roses for Lily (2020), and Tweet (2015). The series was officially cancelled by Nickelodeon after the second season concluded on August 7th, 2020, with the show's second and final season being Aug 28, 2020 · Second part is here https://dai. His brothers are Harry Holland, Sam Holland, and Paddy Holland. Request: @anon so, since you’re accepting requests, could you do something w Tom Holland, where the girl is a marvel actress too and she’s in an interview where she’s asked about if she ships Tom and Zendaya and she says she ships it, but she actually has a crush on Tom but since she and Tom aren’t really dating yet she has to pretending? idk Jun 23, 2021 · The Reynolds brothers are back! Ryan Reynolds' "identical twin" Gordon made his return in a new interview on the actor’s YouTube channel. A self-proclaimed filmmaker, he has released a number of short films to his YouTube channel Holland Shorts. (He has two more younger brothers back in London: Harry’s twin Tom Holland, Actor: Spider-Man: Homecoming. But how well do you know Tom Holland? Tom Holland's quiz is here for you. Morgan Baila. He lives with his parents and three younger brothers - Paddy and twins Sam and Apr 13, 2020 · Luke first joined the show for a 10-episode arc from 2001-2002, while Chris only appeared on one episode in 2002. Nov 06, 2019 · Tom's younger brothers, twins Sam and Harry Holland, were born on Valentine's day in 1999 and they're in show biz as well. Is there an almost famous Timmy twin out wondering around the Marvel red Feb 04, 2021 · Now, Tom is not the only talent in the Holland family. Becoming super close friends with Harrison. ”. Robyn's life was torn apart when her brother was forced to commit suicide by Kilgrave. For all the sparkle of his ride to the top, there's still a lot we don't know about 8 Things to Know About Tom Holland, the Super-Cute New Spider-Man. k. Liam spent the most time on the show, and his role as paraplegic athlete Josh Parents need to know that Onward is Pixar's animated fantasy adventure about two elf brothers -- Ian (voiced by Tom Holland) and Barley (Chris Pratt) -- whose long-deceased father returns to life for a single day. Marvel announced yesterday that it had found the newest Peter Parker/Spider-Man: 19-year-old Tom Holland. Jun 24, 2015 · Teenage actor Tom Holland still lives with his parents but he is set to become a household name and be quids in as the new Spider-Man. Age, Height, Weight & Body Jun 09, 2017 · Tom asked calmly, his seventeen year old sister suddenly looked like a child to him. The hilarious character, who’s appeared in a handful of videos over the years, grilled him on his penchant for starring in body swap movies and joked that his marriage to Blake Lively was a sham. He has a net worth of approximately $200,000 as of 2021. Each workout makes a great impact on his body and he obviously becomes stronger. Sam Holland (brother born to same parents) Date of Birth: February 14, 1999. This time, though, Tom confesses something that the reader wasn’t expecting. “Just take me home, Thomas. Tom Holland splashed out on his brothers' 21st-birthday presents, buying them a piano and a Rolex. View this photo on Instagram Jan 15, 2021 · Paddy Holland was born in London, England. thanks! fake social media instagram x reader instagram imagine fake instagram social media imagine social media social media x reader instagram tom holland Tom Holland, Actor: Spider-Man: Homecoming. To say the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a 2D-animated television series. 99. Nov 08, 2021 · After Sarah woke up post-nuclear blast among friends (Al, Charlie, Lucy, Wes, Daniel, all given about a line apiece), she made it her mission to locate her long-MIA “twin” brother Wendell. He lives with his parents and three younger brothers - Paddy and twins Sam and Nov 20, 2015 · Mary Beard’s ‘SPQR’ and Tom Holland’s ‘Dynasty’ Romulus and Remus, those twins born to a delinquent priestess, were abandoned on the banks of the Tiber, then rescued by an An Incredible List of the Most Famous Twins of All Time. Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images. The Riverdale star rarely speaks about his time on the May 02, 2018 · The stars of Avengers: Infinity War all stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote their blockbuster movie ahead of its release on April 27. Sep 01, 2020 · The brothers from Chaparral High in Temecula, California, committed to the Cougars and will be part of BYU’s 2021 signing class. The film is set to Nicole. Heartbroken, Robyn blamed Jones for her loss and sought to ruin her life, until an encounter with Kilgrave and the support of Malcolm Ducasse showed her Aug 10, 2020 · Sorry ladies and gents, but it looks like Tom Holland is officially off the market. Nov 15, 2021 · Tom Holland was in tears after debuting the new 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' trailer to fans: 'That is the tip of the iceberg' Dubai’s Emirates to conduct test flight with 100% sustainable fuel by 2022 Tom Holland, Actor: Spider-Man: Homecoming. Zodiac Sign: Aquarius. Jun 01, 2021 · Tom Holland Gets Birthday Love from Movie Mom Naomi Watts, Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo and More. Both Sam and Harry, his two younger twin brothers, are making their marks in their own industries. He has thr… Sep 15, 2021 · A sequel to the 1988 comedy Twins is finally in the works, and the film is titled Triplets . He is best known for playing the title role in Billy Elliot the Musical at the Victoria Palace Theatre, London, as well as for starring in the 2012 film The Impossible. We will continue to update details on Harry Holland’s family. Mar 06, 2020 · PG. 8 M tall Before bed: 170 CM I liked Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Spider-Man the most out of three, but Tobey Maguire had the most suitable appearance to play Peter Park out of the three, and I’m not saying this because of the fact that Andrew Garfield is too tall, or because Tom Holland is a bit too Lady, you're a very perceptive asshole. By Salina Nov 05, 2021 · In live-action adaptations of Alice in Wonderland, the twins are often played by two different actors. He lives with his parents and three younger brothers - Paddy and twins Sam and Jul 16, 2019 · His brother Tom (born on 1 June 1996) is the eldest among four siblings. It’s your first time, you’ll get better. He is the eldest of three siblings, Sam and Harry, who are twins, and Patrick, who is the youngest. Tom is popular for his role in Spider-Man as Peter Parker. Paddy Holland and Mia Sara Nasuha are young and famous actors. a. Check below for more deets about Paddy Holland . Jul 02, 2021 · Tom Holland is a British actor Credit: Getty - Contributor What is Tom Holland's net worth? Holland, 25, is an actor known for his role as Peter Parker, also known as Spider Man. Similarly, in the year 2020, he voiced Ian Lightfoot’s character in Pixar’s movie “Onward” starring Chris Pratt. sent fans into a frenzy after unfollowing Chris Evans, Tom Holland and his other Marvel co-stars on Instagram. Jun 21, 2020 · Leaving the bathroom, you looked down the hallway, hoping to find Tom. He lives with his parents and three younger brothers - Paddy and twins Sam and Jun 03, 2021 · Tom Holland, born Thomas Stanley Holland, was born on 1 June 1996 in London. These rare and hard-to-find items are only available in a few locations. Tom Holland is being celebrated by some of his famous pals as he rings in turning 25. com. In 2015, Holland was cast as Peter Parker / Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and he Jul 02, 2021 · Zendaya and Tom Holland kissing in his car. His father’s profession is a comedian and an actor, while his mother is a photographer. Trivia. By Steve Seigh. He lives with his parents and three younger brothers - Paddy and twins Sam and Sep 22, 2016 · ‘Spider-Man’ Star Tom Holland’s Surprising Role: Monster Stand-In his identical twin brother, who does not work in the film business. Tom Holland now lives in Kingston upon Thames in London near to his childhood house, where his parents and brothers reside and he owns a blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Tessa. Feb 14, 2020 · Tom Holland acknowledged he did go half and half with his parents on his brothers' presents. Apr 22, 2021 · The Nier Replicant remake’s "The Ballad of the Twins" side quest requires you to find five mouse tails and five lizard tails. She also has a stepbrother called Phillip. Jun 02, 2021 · British actor Tom Holland aka SpiderMan of the MCU celebrated his 25th birthday on Tuesday, June 1. hi can you do tom holland x twin sister reader? where theyre both playin in Marvel movies. The brothers, whose mutual resemblance is uncanny Jun 01, 2021 · The actor is also the oldest of four children. Having lived close to each other, twins Tom and Thomas (both played by Aaron . At the same time people with this type of body gain extra kilos easily too. Sophia Lillis is a twin. By Cydney Contreras Oct 08, 2021 5:14 PM Tags. , the seven hundred fifth year since the founding of Rome, Julius Caesar crossed a small border river called the Rubicon and plunged Rome into Tom Holland, Actor: Spider-Man: Homecoming. He never eats fries or hamburgers and prefers curds, eggs and chicken meat. “Y/n… come on, love, you’re driving just fine. Tom was, surprisingly not Spider-Man, but instead donned an Iron Man mask. Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Kids & Family. He lives with his parents and three younger brothers - Paddy and twins Sam and Bio: Tom Holland (born Thomas Holland on June 1, 1996 in Kingston upon Thames, England) is a British actor and dancer. He was raised by his parents, Nicola Elizabeth, and Dominic Holland. Harry is an actor and director of short films, while Sam is an aspiring Oct 22, 2021 · Tom also has brothers Harry, 22, and his twin Sam, 22. Tom wins an award and she’s proud of him and tom thanks to her for always being with him. He lives with his parents and three younger brothers - Paddy and twins Sam and Jun 23, 2015 · Image caption, Tom Holland and movie friends Robert De Niro and Hugh Jackman. 1h 42min. Oct 08, 2021 · Ashley Graham stripped down for a pregnancy selfie after learning she and husband Justin Ervin are expecting twin boys this winter. He lives with his parents and three younger brothers - Paddy and twins Sam and Jul 30, 2021 · Likewise, he has three older brothers who are Tom Holland, Harry Holland, and Sam Holland. He lives with his parents and three younger brothers - Paddy and twins Sam and Jun 01, 1996 · The son of Nicola Elizabeth and Dominic Anthony Holland, a comedian and an author, Tom lives in Kingston-upon-Thames with his family, including brothers Sam, Harry (who are twins) and Paddy. The “Cherry” actor 25, could be seen holding Zendaya’s face closely as he leaned in to kiss the “Euphoria” star, 24. Harry Holland (brother born to same parents) Date of Birth: February 14, 1999 Jul 06, 2017 · Tom’s twin brothers Sam and Harry are three years younger than him. Jan 05, 2020 · 20 Photos Of Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen's Transformation. After an "extensive Oct 27, 2021 · Some people grew up watching Eric McCormack as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's dad in "Double, Double, Toil And Trouble", others didn't - including Eric McCormack. Family Life. C. Sam and Harry are twins, and the latter sibling has filmed and directed several videos. Summary Tom Holland's net worth is $15 million. The same applied to English pro footballer Adam Lallana and former tennis pro Daniela Hantuchová (CZE). Brandon sported the Spider-Man mask while Liam wore the Falcon wings. Let's take a look at how Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen grew up to be their very own brand! While Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen may always be favored by the women who happened to grow up in the 90s, there really isn't anybody in the world who doesn't know their names at this point. A post shared by Tom Holland (@tomholland2013) Paddy will star as Montgomery (Monty) Cuttermill in the new show Jun 01, 1996 · Thomas Stanley Holland was born on June 1, 1996, in London, England. [@jakelillis via Instagram] 12 images. Harry appeared in a Biographical film Diana in 2013. I can also answer questions if anyone is confused by anything. Learn more on Biography. . Tom Holland, Actor: Spider-Man: Homecoming. While his father, Dominic, is a comedian, his mother is working as a photographer. Jan 22, 2019 · Tom Holland didn't hit the Hollywood scene so much as he smashed into it like a particularly charismatic meteor. Growing close to all of Tom’s brother. Meet Lucy and Maria Aylmer, 18-year-old twins from Gloucester. Sam debuted on the screen in The Impossible. Holland Like his twin brother, he made his acting debut in the 2012 drama The Impossible. Rest of Paddy's two elder brothers are twins named Sam Holland and Harry Holland- both were born in the year 1999. Harry and Sam are twins who Family: Outside of Tom, he also has a twin brother named Sam and a brother named Paddy. Thomas Stanley "Tom" Holland (born 1 June 1996) is an English actor and dancer. He is the youngest brother of star British actor Tom Holland. “No, Tom! Tom Holland can get muscled easily. Harry Holland father’s name is Dominic Holland and mother Nicola Elizabeth Frost. As his paternal grandparents were born on the Isle of Man in Ireland. The 39-year-old twins will face-off in the coastal town of Galveston, Texas, where each brother will renovate a Aug 05, 2013 · Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a beautiful and sometimes darkly mature echo of the fairytales that taught us about the world as children. com, and both are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints considering church missions before enrolling. He unfollowed them just days before Scarlett Johansson’s first Tom Holland is an award-winning historian, author and broadcaster. It is the first time that the 25-year-old has competed in the BMW PGA Championship Pro-Am. More recently, they were played by Matty Finochio and Ben Cotton in ABC’s Lewis Carroll-themed Once Feb 09, 2021 · In the late fall of 2019, Tom Holland was lying sideways on the floor of a jail cell, sweating, convulsing, throwing up blood. He lives with his parents and three younger brothers - Paddy and twins Sam and Oct 25, 2021 · The Property Brothers' net worth is bound to continue to skyrocket, especially as one of the twins (Jonathan) is dating a higher-profile celeb -- Zooey Deschanel. Both Sam and Harry had small roles in The Impossible . Y/n looked down at her shoes, her hand gripping the side of the car door. A vivid historical account of the social world of Rome as it moved from republic to empire. March 6, 2020. He lives with his parents and three younger brothers - Paddy and twins Sam and Sep 08, 2021 · Holland went round the course with his twin brother Harry and Europe’s Ryder Cup captain Padraig Harrington. Feb 24, 2021 · The Peter Parker actor, 24, is one of four, with twin brothers Harry and Sam who are 22, and little brother Paddy, 16. In a video interview with French outlet AlloCiné that appears on Facebook Rubicon: The Last Years of the Roman Republic Dec 18, 2007. In 1999's Alice In Wonderland TV movie, for example, Tweedledee and Tweedledum were played by Cheers star George Wendt and Robbie Coltrane. Aug 09, 2016 · Joining the Spider-Man crew on all their adventures. In Disney and Pixar’s ONWARD, two teenage elf brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot (voices of Tom Holland and Chris Pratt), get an unexpected opportunity to spend one more day with their late dad and embark on an extraordinary quest aboard Barley’s epic van Guinevere. by Tom Holland. The actor seems to be dating British actress Nadia Parkes, and the pair is really enjoying showing off their Tom Holland, Actor: Spider-Man: Homecoming. “Paddy), is 14. Series Summary: You had been waiting Tom Holland, Actor: Spider-Man: Homecoming. When he was seven, he was diagnosed with Dyslexia. He was 65 8 Things to Know About Tom Holland, the Super-Cute New Spider-Man. Pregnancies Jun 13, 2017 · Tom Holland has accidentally revealed that the upcoming “Spider-Man” solo movies from Sony are actually a trilogy. July 27, 2021. After the special preview, it was renewed for a second season. Both are three-star recruits, according to 247sports. Sam and Harry are Tom’s twin brothers. The budding star has a cameo in all his older brothers films! “In Cherry, he has a small cameo in Cherry, and he plays a character called the shaky kid, and he’s a drug dealer,” the actor explained during a February 2021 appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Tom Holland & Zendaya Hilariously Prank Fans Over Spider-Man 3’s New Title May 20, 2019 · Tom Holland siblings: 3 brothers. Brother. According to some reports, before being a couple, Olivia and Tom had been friends, and even their families knew each other. He lives with his parents and three younger brothers - Paddy and twins Sam and Jun 22, 2021 · He has a twin brother named Harry Holland who is an aspiring filmmaker and an actor. There are some twins who have attained fame and fortune in their own chosen field. Image source, He lives with his parents and three younger brothers who are Paddy and twins Sam and Harry. On his birthday, the star’s fellow Marvel hero, Mark Ruffalo took to social media to wish him on his special day by making a hilarious joke at the pair's habit of getting themselves in trouble with the studio for sometimes saying too much. He has an older brother named Tom Holland who is a well-known Hollywood actor who is famous for appearing in films like ‘The Impossible‘ and ‘Spider-man: Homecoming‘ and has a younger brother as well whose name is Paddy Holland. His paternal grandparents were from the Isle of Man and Ireland, respectively. ly/x7vu7aa Language: English, Subtitles: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian. The 19-year-old Brit has been named as the man who will play Tom Holland’s out of bed height: 171. 9. As in 2021, Paddy Holland ‘s age is 16 years. Another brother is Patrick, eight years younger. Tom is of Irish descent. Paddy Holland started his movie career with Tweet. Since July 2021, Holland is publicly in a relationship with Zendaya. View this post on Instagram. The original stars of the film, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito , are returning to star in the sequel alongside Tracy Morgan , who will hilariously play the third brother. Imagines to read before this one: Late Night Consequences Slow Motion FYI- I’m really close to leaving IG and just coming back on here full force because it’s becoming toxic with Tomdaya stans. He started a relationship with American actress, Cameron Originally posted by ann-fortunately SERIES: TOM HOLLAND DAD IMAGINES Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader Warnings: Have tissues please. Because of his Tom Holland, Actor: Spider-Man: Homecoming. In 49 B. Throughout the journey of two siblings trying to save Aug 24, 2021 · Along with his three younger brothers, Holland is a sponsor of The Brothers Trust, a non-profit charity that raises money for various charitable causes. Oct 03, 2021 · Tom Holland is a young actor, dancer, and the most recent Peter Parker in MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) films. Mar 26, 2021 · Cole Sprouse’s career has flourished since sharing the screen with his brother Dylan on Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. [WorldWideFeatures] Thanks to having one mixed race and one white parent, Maria was born black while Lucy was born white Mar 24, 2020 · 15 Little-Known Facts About Benji Madden's Past (Before Cameron Diaz) Benji became a father when Raddix was born on the third of January 2020. Born on December 6, 2004, Paddy Holland hails from London, England, United Kingdom. Paddy most likely having a crush on you. Her brother is named Jake and he regularly appears on her Instagram page. Their father, Dominic, is also an actor. I don’t want to drive anymore. Does Tom Holland drink Alcohol?: Not Known; Tom has got three brothers, two of them are twins Sam and Harry, three years younger to him. tom holland twin brothers

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